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DelAska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Aug 2007

Location: Anchorage, AK, USA

MapThe Anchorage Fire Department (Station 1, or "The Big House") hosted mud wrestling ... I mean Mud Rescue today. Enjoy the pics.
The mud is glacier silt and the equivalent to quicksand. If one is stuck just to the ankle, it is impossible to move. Several mud rescues occur each year, and there have been many deaths from drowning (the average tide is 35 feet) or hypothermia (the water temp in the summer is around 42º.
Rescuers approach the victim on plywood planks, insert a 1 ½ stainless pipe attached to a fire hose. The water can be pumped from a truck or natural supply depending on distance. The water injected around the victimís legs allows the rescuer to free the victim.
This fire department has 25 dorm rooms, 4 refrigerators, 2 stoves, 2 poles (North and South) a theater seating 20 with a 20X30 screen, sound system and all the toys. Entry level pay is $44K. There are currently no openings.