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Richo’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWell, here we are in Thailand. Suprisingly we made it after some of Clydey famous directions in Sydney airport. We ended up in the wrong departure lounge going through customs at the wrong end of the airport.
Pretty smooth flight, the food was awesome for airoplane food and Richo was in heaven because we sat next to a friendly old lady who kept giving him all the stuff she didn't like.
We landed in Bangkok airport to a swealtering 36 degrees with 1000 percent humidity. After fighting off a thousand Thai locals who all wanted to drive us into Bangkok, we finally got to our hotel. It's a pretty sweet place, 5 star and buffet breakfast will be hard to give up for the next 3 months. An hour after arriving, we were ready to hit the streets. First stop Phat Pong Road........We wandered up and down for a bit "window shopping" Then a young Thai bloke dragged us into a bar with the promise of "No Ladyboys". After seeing these chicks i would have almost preferred to look at ladyboys, they were terrible! We were the only two people in the entire club and as soon as we walked in the girls stopped performing and came over to maul us and insist on us buying them drinks. When we went to leave, all hell broke loose and the girls got upset, the ower tried to sting us for the "free" beers and admission and the bouncer come over to see what the problem was. He copped a mouthfull from Richo, so did most of the bar and we hurried on our way.
Second stop Koesang Road. We hopped into our first Tuk Tuk and sped madly down the road. Those things are out of control! Koesang was awesome, very relaxed, backpackers everywhere. The beer was pretty cheap, about $1.50 for a longneck and the best part is you can buy a beer and just wander around with it. We bought the best food off a street vendor who had the wok blasting and cooked us some Pad Thai, It was the best, and it was also cheap .50.
We spent most of the evening wandering from bar to bar sampling the local beer and arguing about the price. We then found a bar that made Clydey feel right at home......a gay bar tender who was quick to tell Richo that Clydey was the better looking of the two. Richo took offence and spent the rest of the night trying to convince him otherwise. The service we recieved was great including a free massage. It was time to go when he followed us to the bathroom and banged on the door, "just wanting a look". We fled into a Tuk Tuk and somehow ended up in a poorly lit back alley that the driver had recommended was "a good time". Yes.........It was ping pong time! The Tuk Tuk driver cut us a pretty good deal at the door and from then on we were treated like kings! We were sat front row centre, When Clydeys first drink arrived........It was a pepsi, that disappeared into one of the young ladies unopened and reappeared very much open. It was then pressed firmly onto Clydeys lips and he was ordered to "Drink!" The crowd went crazy as he gulped it down finishing the whole bottle. Then it was apparent that after this brief initiation into the seedy underworld of Bangkok he was ready for ping pong. Because he was such a good sport with pepsi he was selected to catch the ping pong being shot wildly around the bar. Crouched like Adam Gilcrist, he caught all balls shot at alarming speed and once they were all in hand the crowd went wild again as he gave the balls a victory sniff! It was at this point the evening turned a little sour as the girl shooting the balls asked for money from Clydey..........after opening a very empty wallet the owner of the club came over to have a chat. With the promise of more money from the ATM Clydey went with the club owner and bouncer (firearm in tow) to the nearest ATM. Again we figured it was time to go and grabbed the nearest Tuk Tuk and headed for the hotel.......4am. Thats just day 1.