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bigal’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2007

Location: Salt Lake City

MapArrived at Salt lake City at 9pm Wed night
Drove 30 minutes south to anthonys house in Springville.

Today Ant, Michael, Damien,Bandit and alan drove 30 minutes to Mona, to where ant has been building the bike with the help of Greg ( ZZ Top) 38 degrees F today
Tuesday this week ant took the bike for a test run, it got to
50mph then the counter shaft bent, dropping the drive chain.
Today at gregs Ant made a new shaft on the lathe and milling machine at Gregs workshop, we refitted the shaft and took it for a test ride on a two mile stretch of road out the back of Mona.
On reaching 50mph and putting the bike into 3rd gear the same thing happened again.
So its back to the drawing board, to develop a better way of building the drive train unit.
The bikes engine is fine, the handling is fine but more R and D is required before it is run on the salt.
Ants going to use the unpaid entry fee $550US plus the T shirt money to buy materials etc to solve this issue.
Good news is that there are 9 more similar event around the country he is able to enter in to have a crack at the record.

We will be going to Bonnerville for the day on sunday to be part of it and get the T Shirt.
We are all off to a Airforce museum 1 hour north of Springville
on Friday 10th.
Saturday off to Park City to see where the Winter Olympics contestents train, have a go down the Luge and bobsled run on wheeled versons (no snow) this time of year.
Monday - Day free
Tuesday - Trains Heber Creeper - model shop
Wednesday drop Paul (bandit) off at airport ( hes off to Seattle, then we drive to St George to D and Ws summer house
Thursday - Las Vegas, Shelbey Mustang Museum. Bolder Dam
Friday - Grand Canyon and Zion National Park
Saturday - Drive back to Springville
Sunday - Day off
Monday Fly home game over