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Loz and H’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Sep 2007

Location: UK

Map(Loz)- well we have really settled into our new life- commuting to work, working and commuting home from work (and getting very fit along the way with all the walking we are doing to the train station)! Have done some sightseeing over past couple of weekends- went to Borough Market, I was in food heaven, it’s like the Queen Vic market but 100 times better.. Apparently Jamie Oliver shops there, so I had a smile from ear to ear there. We have done a tour of the Tower of London, and went to the London Dungeon with Brendan and Elaine- was quiet scary, very dark and things popping out to scare you! Had a free fall drop ride which was really fun… we have spent quiet a bit of time at the “Australian Shop”, buying cheezels and green cordial (H was so desperate for green cordial that he carried 2 big bottles around all day in London, mind you he paid for it doubly, as it costs 6pound per bottle, he tells me it is worth it!).

During last week there was a massive Tube strike, basically most of the underline train lines went down for 3 days… luckily for H he catches the overland train, and I was able to catch my line into work… but it really stuffed up a lot of people, there were huge lines for buses and even some fights with people squashed in buses… great fun! We really couldn’t believe the unions have enough power to basically shut down the whole system.

On Saturday we did a tour through Buckingham Palace (that was after h got out of bed at 4.30am to listen to the Hawks game- was well worth the effort!)- over August and September the public are allowed into the palace while the Queen is on holidays (like she does work any other time of the year!)- was very interesting, really extravagant as you can imagine. We saw the Queen’s wedding dress and jewellery, and an original Rembrandt painting… you wear a headset and listen to audio commentary, so basically go at your own pace. The rest of the weekend was spent in Wimbledon relaxing…

Work is going quiet well for both of us, we have both had our temp contracts extended- H is currently in high demand, getting two calls today with job offers/interviews. And finally- the Chaser boys rock! They have made news over here, in both the newspaper and BBC news website- got a massive laugh out of it!