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Loz and H’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Oct 2007

Location: Belgium

MapLoz….. we have just spent a fabulous weekend in Belgium, our first trip to Europe. We were up and raring to go at 4am for our bus trip to Dover. From there it was a 90 minute ferry ride to Calais, France, where we hopped back on the bus for about 2hr trip to our hotel in Ostend, Belgium. This is a nice little beachside resort town- lots of beachside restaurants, people with little dogs and people riding tandem bikes! We had brushed up on our French, only to arrive and realise that they don’t speak French, but Flemish, a weird language that sounds Dutch- lucky for us a lot of people speak English, so we really didn’t have any troubles ordering food and beer! Speaking of beer, our Saturday evening was spent at a place called Diksmuide, for their annual beer festival. The night consisted of beer (of course! I loved the cherry beer, which H hated!), dancing, crazy wigs, more beer, crazy hats, more beer- the photo’s really speak for themselves! Needless to say our coach had one massive hangover Sunday morning!

Sunday was spent in Brugge, a large city in Belgium about 45mins from our hotel. Brugge is an absolutely beautiful place, known as the Venice of the north for its many canal’s. The weather was perfect- clear skies and sun, which was nice after a few weeks of dreary overcast London. We did all of the Belgium touristy things here in the space of 4 hours- a canal ride, ate pomme frites with mayo, Belgium waffles, chocolates, lace……We took so many photo’s, it really is a postcard place! Let’s just say that the atmosphere and culture of Brugge got H through his hangover with a smile! Back on the bus/ferry/bus, and home just after 10pm…. Although it sound’s like a full-on trip it was actually really relaxing, we are so lucky that we can have an overseas holiday without taking any time off work!