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Loz and H’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Location: London, UK

MapLoz..... Well, it is now officially freezing cold here! Therefore another lesson learned yesterday- never go out in London without your scarf, umbrella and gloves! We trekked into the city for a spot of Xmas shopping yesterday.... it was quiet mild at home, however a 30 min train journey into town makes a big difference in terms of temperature, with it being around 6 degrees in the city.... we spent some time in the British Museum trying to warm up and learn something about ancient history- we saw some interesting mummies and old artifacts (boomerangs even!), however after an hour we were quiet bored, so gave up and rushed home to turn the heaters on! No loss though as it is free to enter most of the museums in London-yes, some things in this town are cheap!

We have now been here for 3 months.... the homesickness hasn't kicked in yet thank goodness, although that could have something to do with lot's of webcam action and Skype chat's on the weekend..... we are also really getting into our Italian, with our Rome trip now booked for H's birthday..... 4 sleeps until we go to Paris- yay!