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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Sep 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapWell here we are guys in NZ and now starting to relax with the beaches, volcano's and great cheap seefood; green lipprd mussels ($3kg) oysters ($5/bucket) and flounder ($8/4 fish)....not bad .....
For those with the taste for muscle, beauty and thrill.... well the black beast easily cruised to Eden thanks to Jim Summerfield who set the engine up... mate it just purred when I stretched its legs for 20 min up at the border and the blue one drifted into the background....still only took it to 4000rpm...around the 150 mark..
Back to NZ ... we are finally getting the phones in order so the silence will be broken for those on the contact list of M.....
Have fun all Marion and Jon