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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Sep 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapHi all, thankyou for your birthday wishes. I had a great day. sorry that this lot of photos are uploaded individually but the technology here is not quite up to it. we still havent figured out how to use the laptop at an internet cafe, but we are obviously doing something wrong.
i cant remember where we got to so i will start with where we are. we are at lake taupo, looking across to the snow fields where we have just come from. the lake is now in place of what was once a massive volcano that blew itself apart. the lake is pristine and a mecca for fisherfolk.
where we went skiing yesterday at mt ruapehu, a mud and rock eruption, we saw the glow and thought we had had too many drinks at the pub for my birthday. the mountain was closed the next day, so we went for a leisurly 6 hour stroll to the lower tama crater lake (they were a fantastic turquoise colour...think great barrier reef blue) instead of skiing. finally on the 27/9 i got my chance to try balancing on that white slippery stuff...i cant do it!!! boohoohoo.... had to chuck it in cause it was much harder than climbing a mountain. jon made it look easy as he sailed past me at a great rate of notts as i fell in the snow once was a good day anyway, one of those spectacular spring days. a few days before the eruption in the snow field, we were on the west coast near the man made tunnel to the beach and i am sure there was an earth NZ is still a country in the making.
we met some nice people one nite...turns out we were parked in their driveway and Graeme came down to see if we were lost or broken down...we ended up having a few drinks with him and Ruth and they told us their travel stories from round the world and added to our store house of knowledge.
before that we saw black beaches and steep countryside and very few people at all.
we are heading toward rotarua to see the mud pools and then our time here is nearly at an end. we have just book accomodation for Chile and sussed out Easter Island, so the next part of our trip is evolving.
hope you are all good and once again thanks for your messages from home. we are missing you all and having a great time.
love to you
marion and jon