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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Oct 2007

Location: santiago, Chile

MapHi all, we are coming out of the jet lag and challenges of a new the risk of repeating zealand was a very relaxing time and with beaches or sitting on a mountain top each night, just a great way to ease us into this travelling..... well a long flight (10 hours)...3 movie repeats and some sleep... we were fortunate to be able to have leg room since we had the isle in front of us... the rest were cramped up.....there was a lot of flapping to get us off the ground as we left nz, shell, I think some of the other passangers had funny throught about us because they kept away with a queer look on there faces for the rest of the flight..but as we landed and put the breaks on there was some cheering in the background...Santiago mmmm Santiago is our next educational exercise.... no speeka de there is lots of gestures and pointing with some very blank looks from all....but we have a bed, food and meeting other travellers as well as some was swamped at the Precolambrian museum yesterday by school childs wanting to talk with her and gaze at her blue eyes and blond hair... she luved the attention guy`s???? We were a bit worried the techo gadgets that we brought with us would make us a target, didnt stop to think that it might be something as simple as blue eyes and blonde hair!!!
We are off to check out the language class`s today to see if this old dog can be taught some new trixs mmmm? More updates on Santiago once the fog clears in the brain....Love to all at home M and J