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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Oct 2007

MapHi all,
sorry the blog is so boring guys, but we have been busy.!!! I didnt think i was going to have jet lag but every time i get up i just want to lay down again!! Before we left NZ, we scooted round lake taupo and up to rotarua, we saw the mud pools and the boiling ponds (40 litres a second at 98degrees celcius) alot more hills...and all of this looks lovely in the photos but we have even less technology here at our fingertips than in NZ! We got up as far as the crommondel peninsula before even more rain obliterated everything. had a rough nite the last nite with wind and rain. the van rocked and rolled thru the nite, perfect set up for a long flight! the welcome to Chile consited of give us your money and a magnificent display of snow covered andes, didnt notice the pain of handing over big bucks for the privilege! we got husseled into a taxi and driven at a rapid rate thru the slums of santiago thinking oh no what have i let myself in for! but all is good. the accomodation jon booked is in a nice suburb and there are not very many threatening types around, even the stray dogs are well behaved and dont hassel us too much. We did a bit of wandering round the city yesterday and today, saw a couple of museums (thankfully with some english signs) some amazing churches and the presidential palace. the military police here are very obvious and there is a prevaling sense of control...not like in NZ where the people were reseved in themselves but more like ´behave or we will get you´. there is a high point in the city where there used to be a fortress and church,which dates back to 1500´s, they have done some reclamation work and the botanical garden it has become is a beautiful spot in such a big city. The zoo was pretty ordinary but the hill it is set on is quite high, took a gondolla ride to get up there and an almost vertical cable car ride down. I am still struggling with the staring...doenst matter how good my ¨local disguise¨ is they still see me coming! funny they dont pick on jon as much!
At present, Jon is doing his best impression of not having a sleep...we decided we should at least attempt a day without a nanna nap but i dont think it is working. We had an unusual tea today, it was supposedly black tea with peaches and hulled wheat in it. It tasted like peaches in peach syrup to me but they sell it everywhere and it was cheap at $500 pasos which is $1 aud. the phones dont work here and we are tossing up whether to send them home. we dont have enough spanish to ask about the interent connection for the laptop, so we will probably just keep using it to do the drafts for our travel blog on and save our pics too. the fun continues with our credit cards that dont work!!! and we cant speak the lingo!!! who would have thought that language was soooo important!! lol. We are off to another hostel tomoro, one that has a kitchen. the one we are in now is a lovely private home in that typical colonial style you see on so many western movies based in mexico. its green and leafy and clean and almost quiet! There are several amazing things so far, the alps that are always present, the smell, the tangle of wires passing overhead thru trees and propped up with stakes, and the ever present threatening presence of the military police.
keep the messages from home coming...i love hearing what you are all up too. cant wait to see the pics of your house georgie.
love to you all
m and j