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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Oct 2007

Location: Easter Island, Chile

MapSome funny things about Chile

dont look any type of stray in the eye, they will be yours for life and follow you everywhere

a lot of people have all the latest brand name gear, but i am still nervous when we take out good camera out with us

the coffee is appalling even thou they are close the coffee growing areas. the beer, bread and wine are good

they waste no part of a beast...chunchules are plaited cow guts boiled with onions

the streets are clean but there are often mounds of garbage near houses

you have to throw your toilet paper in the bin, not in the toilet

they have wi fi but very poor postal services (and very expensive)

there is snow and desert in one area

there are very few blondes or people with fair colouring (they call their gold labradores ^gringos)

everyone goes slow and everything stops between about 2 and 5 except the buses cars and taxis and they go flat out all of the time...but rarely fail to give way to pedestrians and dogs

the police arrest first and ask questions later

man power is used more often than mechanisation. a shop assistant will serve us, we walk 3 paces and pay someone else, we walk another 3 paces and pick up our goods from a 3rd person.

shop owners and market stall holders spend all day and into the nite manning their stalls (but they wont serve you between 2 an 5) often for very little return