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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Nov 2007

Location: ushuaia, Argentina

MapHola all
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow...need i go on??? we are off to antarctica on sunday!!! woohoo!!!
we got the deal of the year for the trip of a life time, 20 days, antarctica, the shetland islands, south georga and the falklands!!! we will get to walk in shacklton's and darwin's footsteps as well as see the whales, penguins and the sea sickness pills and a big bucket for jon and i cant wait!!!!!! (get set, cause i am going to use a whole years supply of exclamation marks, lol)

hurry up and send those capital letters Arn!!

just some house keeping here...we wont have access to internet for 3 weeks as of get yr messages in fast! we will try and check our blog and emails during the next 4 days...

but back to the real world (well almost) we are off today for a 4 day car tour north to Calafate, another mountain town with a spectacular glacier, just to have something to compare the ones in antarctica to! it is apparently a beautiful part of the world with some great walks.

oh and by the way, jon proposed and i said yes.

we have been told conflicting things about the clothing and gear we will need to go to person looked at what we were wearing and said it was better than what they would hire us, and another presented such big coats that i couldnt lift them! we asked all the camera stores what other things we might find useful in the antarctic but the looked at our gear and thought that it would be fine...i had heard that the cold plays havoc with cameras and batteries and memory cards so we had what we thought would be good enough to see us through most of the cold weather places we were going too, just hadnt really thought that the dream of going to antarctica would come true!!!

we tried for a tour that had camping and kyaking but they have only a few spots for these on each tour and they are booked along way in advance, jon would have been able to kyak on one tour but it would have meant alot more money for half the days, all of which would have been spent in a male dorm or a female dorm...would have coped if there were kyaking possies for both of us.

to all our dear family and friends, we hope you are all well and happy and we thank you for the messages from home. we have also left a little message on the ceiling of los cormoranes, the hostel in ushuaia...if you want to know what it is you will have to come down here and read it.

catchyas soon

marion and jon