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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Bowral NSW, Australia

Mapwell hi to you all and we hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a great start to the new year.

even thou our stop over in australia was unexpected, we had a ball with friends and family and even snuck in a 21st birthday that we were going to miss. happy 21st dennis!!

the nerves are settled again, i only flinch marginally now at the thought of boats, and jon dislike of the colour of orange is fading.

so we are well on our way to leaving.... again. (i wonder if we can sqeeze in another going away party?) we hope to be jetting away in the 1st week of febuary. the insurace company has paid up and has extended our travel insurance(much to their disgust!). we just have to hit bogong and paddy pallin to purchase our travel gear again

we will be flying back to Puerto Natales in southern Chile to walk the amazing mount Fitzroy and Torres del Paine, basically picking up where we left off. we probably wont have time to go north to peru and equador this time, but i am sure they will be destinations we travel to at a later date.

the last 6 or 7 weeks has been in interesting combination of pleasure at seeing everyone and stress at having to fight the insurance company to get our gear. so in itself it has been a journey of discovery. it may even rate a chapter or two in the book we are writing.

we will keep in touch through this site and via email and with any luck there will be more stories to wow you and make you laugh some time soon

love to you all
jon and marion