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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Feb 2008

Location: Buenos Aries, Argentina

MapHi All
we mentioned on an earilier blog entry that we would be flying into puerto natales....well we didnt...we flew into buenos aries and will be going to el calafate...gotta love having your travel arrangements made by someone else!
Buenos Aries is really different to Santiago, and so it should be its a whole other country. there are no dogs on the streets, the polution is less though the streets are dirtier and the power lines are strung between buildings high up in the air. the buildings are dirtier and more from the colonial period. the food is similar and the police are less conspicuous and less imposing and the drivers make up for what the police lack. 40kms above the speed limit seems to be the norm, and pedestrians are considered cannon fodder! its humid as all get out and we are looking forward to the cooler climes further south. still havent got a tent, but we think we will fix that down south. we hope!!!
anyhow we are off now to the airport so we will upload some pics over the next couple of days
love to you all
jon and marion