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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Feb 2008

Location: El Charlten, Argentina

Maphi to everyone back home
we are missing you all heaps and have cursed both internet and the phone system in south america. they just wont co operate! so we send you our thoughts and best wishes daily and can only let you know when we come upon an internet cafe that works. they are very happy to take our pesos and say sorry for the poor conections, but they dont let you leave without paying. doesnt matter whether you have sat there for an hour waiting for the server or not.

there is so much to write and so little time to do it you all know by now the interent here is appalling but i may have struck a good one for the minute.

just about everything has gone to plan, except for having no money in a town that has no banks and doesnt accept visa or master card! so we headed for the hills and camped out for a week, only to get back to this town to find it all fully booked and spending the night in a tent again! but at least we have access to a hot shower here. the water off glaciers is bloody cold! we have had a number of breathless washes sometimes with an audience and sometimes not. i ached after coming out of the water but somethings you just have to do to feel human.

the scenery has been spectacular, the weather so so, and the walking a bit of a challenge at times.

we are heding back to civilisation in the next couple of days so hopefully we will be able to up load some pics. some of them are truly stunning...everything from the sunrise and sunset in the plane on our way to Buenos Aires to the magnificent Mt Fitzroy.

we do hope you are well and happy. we are.

love to you all at home
jon and marion