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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Mar 2008

Location: coyhaique, Chile

Maphi one and all
we have been in the wilds of patagonia mt fitz roy, torres del paine, the austral highway, which is dirt for hundreds of kms and where there is no, i repeat no nothing, towns people goats...nothing but mountains topped with hanging glaciers. monday 3/3 and we spent a few hours in a town who´s name i cant pronounce or even spell. we are mostly ok
we have negotiated police stations reporting my ´lost wallet, credit cards and drivers licence´that was fun!!!
we have waltzed our way through the hospital system with jon´s wrecked back...injections x-rays and prescriptions, that was a barrel of laughs!!!
and swaned the camping shops (they are few and far between) miming the need for thermarest air bed and stove repair kits...piece of cake!!!
the scenery has been spectacular and as we are heading further south, it is becoming more dramatic and the weather is decidedly chilly.
and we survived a 5 hour car ferry ride through the fiord country of southern patagonia with only a few moments of terror as the boat left the dock.
we will probably stay in coyhaique tonite and head to the next national park tomoro for some more day walks...cant do much for the time being with jons back being the way it is. just extended the rent a car for another week so we can head back north and see some of chiloe island before we return the car to puerto montt.
we have had a pretty good time and we hope that all of you are doing ok...sorry the updates on the web have been pretty scarce. we are thinking of you all and are sending our love to you daily.
keep well and happy
lots of love
marion and jon