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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Mar 2008

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Maphi all
we made it back to the western world and the northern hemisphere, via the most obnoxious place on earth, american customs! they waned to know how we could afford to stay in america for 4hours!
24 of our last 36hours was spent on planes so we were pretty tired. we crashed in a seedy hostel in the wrong part of town and slept for 14hours waking up to snow falling! from the tropics to snow....not bad travelling, i'd say!!
we thought south america was limited in its technology but here there is next to none available to the public, because everyone has their own! so enjoy this little blog update because we walked miles to do it!
we are off to whistler tomoro to catch up with fiona, jon's daughter. its minus 5 there so i am glad we didnt send our long johns home when we headed north to the tropics!
we are enjoying reading the signs without having to guess what they say and the taxi ride to our hostel was positively sedate compared to some of the wild rides we had in south america. and we havent hear one horn blown (except for a dumb volvo driver and they dont count).
we have fist full of tourist information about the british columbia area and hopefully we will make use of some of it.
well this was just a quicky to let you know we are well and happy and are looking forward to skiing,dog sledding,and snow shoeing for the next couple of weeks. we will enjoy it immensly as we have a free floor for our time there before we head up the west coast.
we love you all lots and are thinking of you back home
keep well and happy
love to you all
jon and marion