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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Apr 2008

Location: whistler, Canada

Maphi to everyone at home

and happy birthday in april for veronica and darren, and happy birthday to anyone else i may have forgotten.

we are spending some time with fiona and aaron in whistler! it is an amazing place. we arent far from the ocean, and we are not very high up either, only between 1800 and 2400mts, but the snow is magnificent. its dry and powdery and there is so much of it! i thought NZ had heaps, but this place is so much better. i can see why it is such a mecca for skiiers and snow boarders.

the winter olympics are here in 2010 and there is a whole lot of construction going on ( it's alot like the austral highway in south america) to make the road up here better but so far the village has been untouched. there are heaps of resorts here and it really is very expensive to live and work here but the benefits are pretty pursuasive. everything is at your door step. you want to go skiing. just walk outside and cross the road and hop a lift to access any number of ski runs for any level of ability. its all here.

arron and fiona are having a ball living and working here and its a bit like being back at home catching up with them only we are the ones sleeping on their floor!

vacouver was ok, mostly just another big city. though i can imagine how beautiful it will be when all those cherry blossoms bloom. we stayed in china town and as it turns out we were in the same hostel as fiona and arron when they first got here!

we are going to enjoy a week or so here with the kids before deciding what to do next. we are thinking about heading up the west coast toward alaska...but the snow might still be a bit of an issue. we will wait and see. there is a huge festival on here the second week in april so we may hang around for that...who knows, thats the fun of travelling!

we hope you are all well and happy and that life is treating you kindly
we are thinking of you and sending you lots of love and hugs.

jon and marion