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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Apr 2008

Location: whistler, Canada

Maphi to you all
whistler has been a wonderful stop in our itinerary. it has snowed a bit each day and we are constantly surprised by how dry it is underfoot. and often it doesn't feel all that cold either. if there happens to be a breeze then you know its -5, but other wise its pretty comfortable.

dog sledding was fun, the snow limo was excellent and took me places i wouldn't have seen cause i still cant ski. snow shoeing was more my style, up hill and somewhat in control....but i survived and even enjoyed the short slides downhill, squealing and laughing all the way!

Jon dusted off his skiing skills and you would never know that its been 30 years since he has been on the slopes and it was a real joy watching him and Fiona hit the slopes together.
we have organised the next part of our trip...Alaska here we come!

by boat

4 nights sailing into icy waters


we found out after we had booked and done our research, that our research was wrong....there is no public transport out of Skagway,

it starts at end of may

we were under the impression from the literature that there were regular buses and trains...

no one mentioned that nothing operates until the end of may....maybe they just figured we would know about winter and early spring in Alaska....


we're learning!

we have had an offer from a helpful Alaskan to drive us to the nearest town where the buses run to Anchorage...and naturally we have agreed to his extortion. what else can we do?

anyhow our next adventure is set and it is with somewhat a nervous heart and we embark on the 11th...same date as our last maritime adventure...everyone cross everything for us...ok!!!

after arriving at skagway and being chauffeured to Whitehorse, we hope to get a bus to Anchorage and then hire a car to head as far north into the arctic circle as we can...probably wont be far cause of all the blasted snow! lol

anyhow we should get some good scenery as the snow melts and summer kicks in as we head back to Vancouver via Fort St John, Edmonton and other fascinating inland towns in British Columbia.

we have our last night in whistler with Fiona and Aaron, the party has started so i better get to the alarm set for very early to get back to Vancouver by bus then on to Bellingham just over the border in the USA (groan!!!) to catch the boat.

leave us lots of happy messages ok, we will read them when we get to Skagway or Whitehorse.

love to you all at home. we have managed a few phone calls and its been great hearing your voices.

keep happy
love to you all
m n j