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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Apr 2008

Location: USA

MapDeadhorse, Prudhoe Bay Alaska

where the road stops and the arctic ocean begins!

almost the top of the world!

we left behine latidude of arctic cirlce many frozen miles ago.

tundra, ice, oil rigs and pipelines. frozen ocean and polar bears. truck after truck after truck. moose, reindeer, ptartrigman and squirrels. spruce, willow and silver birch. mounds of ice bulging out of what should be a flat expanse of water.

accomodation $200 a night with all meals included because there is no where to buy any food at all.
reached by 480 miles(not kilometers, but miles) of road from hell (or so the locals and the guide books say) but we thought it was pretty spectacular.

hi to you all at home from one of the most amazing landscapes we have seen so far. we were filling a water bottle from our store of water and it was freezing as we were pouring it!

deadhorse is about as attractive as its name is a company town based around the northern oil fields. there are men here from all over the world and slowly the trickle of women is increasing. there is zero alcohol tolerance and you will be tossed out of your lodging and the town if you are caugth with any.

there is no where to go here if you dont work

during summer 'the company' has organised tours of the oil fields and that is it. you can fly to Barrow, an isolated community, an hour west, or fly over some of the outer islands, but during winter all we would see is white. a pilot spotted a single polar bear over a month ago and that has been it on the polar bear stakes. boohoohoo!

the clostest habitation is 225 miles south through the Agitun pass where the overturned trucks and missing guard rails remind you to be very very careful in this part of the world.

on our way north, we got a flat tyre and chose to drive back for over an hour to coldfoot to get it repaired rather than push on without a spare...we may be crazy but we are careful!

and in the words of many of the souvineers you can buy here
'dalton highway, alaska - mission completed!'

love to you all
m n j