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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 May 2008

Location: Utah, USA

Maphi to you all at home

sorry its been so long
there is almost no internet access in the states because everyone has their own.....

since deadhorse alaska we

saw lynx, moose, elk, cyote, reindeer, caribou and fox in denali national park

flew to seattle washington and hired a car to see yellowstone national park...we were going to head back to vancouver and travel north along the rockies but tossed a coin and south won.

we went to mt rainer for a look and saw 225inches of snow so we didnt go to mt st helens because there was alot of snow there too

yellowstone was fantastic with all its hot springs...old faithful being the biggest and the best, we saw bison, pronghorn deer, elk, and heaps of snow

we headed south via oregon, idaho and are now in utah checking out the national parks here.

it still amazes me that there can be snow in the desert

we are heading for colarado to see monument valley

then into arizona and the grand canyon and the redwood national park

we might get on a plane then and head to the east coast of canada cause we will be a bit tired of driving driving driving!!!

sorry this is so rushed and we do have a heap of photos to share, but getting somewhere to do it is a problem.

we hope you are all really well and happy

keep the news coming from home...its a bit like christmas when we get a chance to open all our emails.... we love it

love to you all
marion and jon

california and death valley and yosemite

death valley was a bit like death...the polution from all the major cities in a radius of several hundred kms collects here. we could barely see the road in front of was very disapointing and very hot. we found out a week after we had left there that the temperatures were already into the 100's, we were very glad to be away from there.

yosemite access was closed on our side of the mountains due to the vast amount of snow. we would have had to travel a few hundred kms to get around to the other side so we gave it a miss. there is no moving the national parks people on their opening dates in summer. all the locals said the pass was open but they wouldnt open the park until the following week. we will have to plan better next time. it will be on our places to visit if we go back to the states.

we were very pleased that we visited the states after all. it was diverse and interesting and every hill and ben presented us with a different landscape. in australia you can go for miles without any noticeable changes, so we had a very interesting time in the western part of the country.