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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Location: copenhagen, Sweden

Maphi one and all
we have toured denmark norway and sweeden and are now off on another trip of a lifetime.

we are going to spitsbergen....just about as far north as you can get....we are hoping to see polar bear and wallrus! i cant wait!!!

not a bad way to spend our second aniversary together

we are not going by boat, because the one that usually goes there sunk last november with us on it....and they havent got a replacement boat yet...thank goodness. flying is just fine with me.

we have spent alot of time in cars over the last 2.5months and covered alot of territory. the east coast of canada was so polite, not a blade of grass out of place, very pretty in a bland sort of way. the most exciting thing we did was stake out the tip hoping to see black bear. and the other exciting thing was the sounds of the canadian night...we eventually found out the main mating call we were hearing was that of the loon. a quite large water bird. it kept us awake at nite guessing what it was.

scandinavia has been just as pretty and even its really really old history hasnt been enough to stir us much. the place is one big forrest and where its not forrest its water or farm land. there are alot of small interesting things but nothing stunning. even the coastline is not as dramatic as that of south america. but we have had a pleasant time. it would be an easy place to live except for the horrendous cost of everything. i will never complain about the price of petrol again.....we just paid 250 dollars for 68litres of desiel. ouch big time. everyone rides bikes we know why!!!

anyhow we are off now for an all day train ride from copenhagen to oslo to fly out tomoro nite for longyerbeyn. find that one on the map!!!

we hope you are all well and happy
love to you all
marion and jon