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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jun 2008

Location: Malmo, Sweden

Maphi again

i just wanted to say happy birthday to all those of you who have a birthday in june.
Ethan and Nikita i know for sure i think Peter Christopher and mabye Sally Christopher.... and of course my mum and dad´s 49th wedding aniversary. let me know who i have missed. happy birthday to you all.

we have some time to kill waiting for our train so i thought i would share yet another travel experience with you.

on our last day in canada, we caught up with the guys from GAP, you know, the ones who sunk us in antarctica. we were to catch up with them at about 1pm and we were flying out at about 7pm so we needed to be in the airport by about 4.30 or 5pm......

to start with after we made our lunch date with them, i had this sudden rush of anger and decided i didnt want to go to lunch with the people who had almost killed us! it took a bit of time to get past that feeling but by lunch time i was ok again.

we went to their toronto office for a quick chat that became a bit of a reliving of the whole experience because the office staff wanted to know what happened...they only have the offical version. so we chatted quite a bit and found out how they all coped as well and how much this has affected their lives and the companies ethics and the industry in general.

we realised time was getting on so we ducked off for some lunch with lyndon file, the guy who listened to our issues after the sinking...he is a good listener! anyhow chat chat chat and at 3.50pm i say "shit!!!!...what time is it...we have to get on a plane!!!!"...and then it was the bolt to the airport.

"dont worry" lyndon says, its freeway all the way, you'll make it in no time".
peak hour traffic was in full swing.
it took us half and hour to go 2 blocks! we had to return the rental and get through customs...we were going to be pushing it...we didnt know the half of it!!!

we decided to split up, jon would drop me and the bags at the terminal, i would do the booking in stuff while he returned the car. sounds like a plan....

you know, best laid plans and all...

these are our experiences....

mine went
find a luggage trolley and manuver 5 pieces of luggage to the line that much fun! and then wait

his went
dodge the traffic while looking for the rental return lane

mine went
"next please"
"sorry you dont have seats on this plane, you missed your flight on the 2nd, your tickets have been cancelled."
stunned silence.

his went
shit...this road is taking me back to the city, where can i turn around....the road i think i want is just down there, can i drive down the grass embankment?

mine went
but we changed this flight ages ago, i have this piece of paper from american airlines.
yóu will have to go to ticketing to see what they can do for you.
groan...another line

his went
cool fun the grass wasnt too slippery and the oncoming traffic didnt blink an eye at me joining them in such an unorthodox manner!! not a horn honked or anything!!! now where is that exit to the rental returns...
oh shit...i just went past it!

mine went
next please
hmmm the flight you want is full, these changes werent sent through to us, do you need to rebook any of your other flights?
"yes all of them!!" i said through gritted teeth. "i would like to get home evntually." smile smile
they really should have sent this stuff through to us....
ok you are on a later flight to london, you cant go straight to copenhagen there is nothing available, you might try standby.
ok ok
there you go all the other flights are re-booked and re-confirmed now go back to the other line and book your luggage through...have a good flight!"

his went
ummm if i go really really slow, the other cars will get round me as i cross 5 lanes of traffic and almost do a u turn to get into the right probs!

mine went
"oh, we will put your luggage through as oversize because of all the straps and things, i will give you your boarding passes but you need to take your luggage to another place to drop it off"

his went
found the right lane to return the car...hand over the keys, they scan the bar code, and he walks over to the terminal...easy!

mine went
drop the luggage at the oversize desk, meet up with jon and waltz through customs...didnt have to take our shoes off or anything here, hardly even looked at us...

and we were in, and made it to the gate with enough time to buy some duty free and a snack before we boarded!!

travelling is soooo much fun!!!