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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008

Location: Orkney Islands, UK

Maphi to all at home

we are on orkney island having a ball with martin and alice. it was so good to see them again, i didnt want to stop hugging them.
we landed in scotland a bit late thanks to bloody george bush! so we didnt have much time between arriving in bruar where they live and work and heading off at 3am the next morning to the very north of scotland to catch a ferry to orkney.

the crossing was a piece of cake and we landed at saint margrets and headed straight to holm, prounounced ham, and did over the cemetary for where some of the gibson relatives may have been burried. the caretaker pointed us in the direction of both the living and the dead and we ended up dropping in on grandfather gibson's first cousin, billy gorn.

later the next day we bumped into his oldest son, allen. orkney is not very big!!!

we camped out at stromness and had a meal at the pub...we spent the next day touring some of the oldest known archeological sites in the world. the standing stones of strennes, and and ancient village uncovered by a storm in 1850, a stone ring that has amazing acoustics and a ring of originally 60 stones that was incredibly peaceful on the inside of it.

we are off to ireland tomoro and cant wait to see what we can see

love to you all
marion and jon