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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jun 2008

Location: Scotland

Maphi to all at home

for those of you who are concerned about us visiting somewhere warm for a change, we have been touring the british isles with martin and alice, where it is warmer by comparison....

and we have discovered it only has to be a little bit warmer for it to rain...constantly!!

give me freezing any day!!!

but we have had so many laughs with martin and alice, we have ended up with tears in our eyes and our bellies hurting!!

we all kissed the blarney stone in the pouring rain, we walked around the giants causeway in a light shower of rain, we discovered skara brae in a sun shower, we made the standing stones of strenness resonate to our voices in a light mist, we put up tents in a downpour, and watched brilliant sunsets from the west coasts of both scotland and ireland because of the storm clouds on the horizon...the colours were spectacular.

the green of both countries is extraordinary because of the rain, you come to the british isles you expect to get wet!

southern island is much like the rest of the british isles, but belfast was another world. the city is cosmopolitan now but the areas where the conflict went on still hold the tension and both the streets and the people carry the scars of their version of a holy war.

i had a hard time walking around the walled suburbs with their razor wire and 5m high walls, and though most of those have murals supporting peace, there are a fair few that honour those who were lost and quite a number that suggest that the war was ok.

england, ireland, scotland and wales have all had their own character and its been an interesting journey showing that even though these countries have been lumped together as the british isles, they are separate identites (and they definitely dont like you to forget it!!)

we are off today to check out st andrews golf course and then back to blair castle near martin and alices workplace. we have a pub meal planned for tonight and then i dare say it will be a teary farewell as we leave the kids to their lives and plans once again.

jon and i will be heading off to see some more of the west coast of scotland and then drive a bit through the english country side to see what we can see...maybe even catch up with hadrians wall somewhere along the way.

love and hugs to you all
we miss you
m and j