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jon and marion’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008

Location: Merimbula, Australia

MapHi everyone or to those who are still checking out our now sorry excuse for a blog!

we have squashed the travel bug into our back packs and have them hidden at the back of the shed. soon they will be transferred, very quickly so there is no chance of an escape, into a deep dark closet of our new home, to be resurected at some time in the future....we already are planning a 2 week dog sledding adventure on svalbard in march 2010...anyone wanna come?

19 imlay st
merimbula NSW 2548
no phone as yet just our ancient mobile phone numbers

we will put up some pics of the new house with the hopes of enticing a few of you to come and visit and offer to work your butts off for nothing over summer in our new shop. come'll be fun!! groan!!! now you can see why we are already planning our next holiday, gotta have something to look forward too!!!

i sent off a bulk email to everyone i could think of so if i missed you i am sorry and for those of you who still read our page you will get the same info twice!

anyhow we are off now to shuffle stuff in the shed in eden to hopefully make moving a little easier.

we will be in melbourne during some of september, jon's sister anne and her hubby are having a combined 60th and then there is gordon's birthday a bit later so we might just have to hang around for a week or so again. hopefully we will be able to see our friends we havent caught up with since being home.

we do hope you are all well and happy
cya soon
marion and jon