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Dallross’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Sep 2007

MapI have just driven back from town having dropped Scarlett at a weeding. I was cruising along in "our" Subaru with the local classic Rock station blaring, past the old brown church, past the wetlands with the formation of Canada geese just leaving, onto the 70mph road with the big mountains in front of me. The mountains are sporting a fashionable frill of snow with a definite snow line on the trees. Turning left at a flashing overhead light I pass the local school which is all in one very large reasonably ugly building. They have snow on the ground for 6 months of the year. Past the christmas tree farm and onto Echo chalet the Road that leads to Scarlett and Justins lovely 3 year old house set in the tress at echo lake. Beautiful. Did I mention that in the 8 mile drive I saw 7 deer?
Now this is what travelling is all about. Getting into the small places and staying with the real people. Scarlett lived with us for 3 months in 2003 when she did a teaching placement at Brightwater. Just so lovely to catch up with her and hang out today. You realise how really well you know someone when you can get back together again like this and feel so cool to be together.
We have had a family insular last 4 days where we have done so much.
We are technically challenged so uploading photos won't happen for a while so description it is!
We left Kamloops on Tuesday and headed to Jasper. OUt of the barrren again and into the mountains. The Canadian Rockies to be exact! Kerry's pass saved our first of 3 lots of $17.80 to get into the park!
Mount Robson winked at us out of the clouds but we appreciated her awesome presence. Into Jasper and a fantastic camp under the trees. OUr first night camping too. Very exciting. We were met by elk wandering through the camp, and then the lovely sound of a male roaring...spine chilling. The one male had his evening ritual through the camp (that has 860 sites!) Jenna went crazy with photos of elk and then lovely little squirrels cruising around.
Wednesday we travelled the majestic road down the length of the Canadian Rockies to Banff via a cold Lake Louise. The glaciers at the top were fantastic especially knowing that if you if you peed at the top it could end up in the The Arctic, Pacific or Atlantic oceans. Well in thoery anyway. It would probably freeze for a few thousand years first! The photos will really show how awesome it was, and even they do it no justice at all.
Camping in Banff after that day was just as lovely in another Park campsite.
Thursday morning we got up and ready for action. Like the night before it got down to close to zero if not below. Great camping weather.
We exited the Rockies as dramatically as we had arrived into them and then hit the plains that sit before the Praires. Miles of Albertan wheat fields with telltale oil rigs chugging away in them. This is the rich province. Half an hour in Calgary traffic reminded us why we were avoiding the cities and then up to Drumheller to the astounding dinosuar museum. Jenna will fill you in on that!
In the car and South averaging 100km/hr on roads that only have right angled corners and signs to warn you when a hill is coming.
We made it to Fort Mcleod and camped in a nice commercial camp that felt like it was in the middle of the train tracks so not the best sleep. Warmer though.
Friday we crossed the border into Montana at a sleepy little crossing. No cross-examination about the car ownership which was good, and into the mountains again. This time with beautiful flourescent yellow alders, (it is fall here!) and beech trees complimenting the mountains and blue lake.
Lovely to be here in Big Fork with more of our family....This world is about places, but mostly about people.
This is such a cool trip....... Oh and Alan looks like a different piece of scenery too......that is just a hint!