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Dallross’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Oct 2007

Location: USA

MapThe final entry.
We are sitting in LA airport in the same manky terminal as we were in 6 weeks ago almost to the day and time. Doesn't seem as overwhelming to the kids this time, and we know things are heading in the other direction now. Easier waiting here having come from a day at the beach in California than it was off a 12 hour flight and expecting to have anothyer 2 hour flight to Vancouver after 5 hours waiting.
\LA has been a good time for us all. It was great catching up with Karen and Dave and cruisy doing the parks with them. Also much easier than last time when the kids were not keen on some of the rides. This time they did it all, with Jenna conquering the Tower of Terror. My city and fun park fix is over for a few years now! The hotel we stayed in was full of Kiwis and Candians and great. Walking distance to the fun parks, 2 big pools, and really user frindly. 2 stories high so full of courtyards and plants...Yay.
It was loveley to get back to the sea and the beach today. Off the pier we saw a pod of dolphins just beyond the surfies, and later a seal lolling about in the shallows. Wow in the middle of LA!!!
We head home having had a fantastic time. The highlights for me have still been all about the people as I have renewed freindships and made some more. I know the kids will remember the places, but I want to get them to treasure the contacts...we will see if that stuff is as important to them as me.
Back to Chch where Diane has a roast planned for us with some friends around for dinner, and then a drive (short by our latest standards) home to Nelson. Monday is a public holiday so large intake of breath and back to work Tuesday. Erin has exams, Alan needs to teach 5 days to make up time, and Claire has...heaps happening. And Jenna will be Jenna.
It has been fun writing this blog and I know it has kept some in touch with our movements.