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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: edinburgh, Scotland


still buzzing after the european win, me, ian, rodders and ceas head up to edinburgh for 4 days! it starts with a classy night out in leicester for ali smiths birthday, a curry, a crate of beer, 3 bottles of wine, some lime pickle and a quick fire dice game, ment we went out in hawaiian dress! ended up in life!! cant remember much except some girl thought rodders made hawiian lai's in Iraq!

feeling rough we started the 7 hour road trip up to edinburgh, we stopped at the angel of the north, and the scottish border, wrote a poem and played a single game of guess my word,association game for at least 100 miles!!

friday went to dannys house party, someone threw a bottle at ian, went to the union, played in the park and we all woke up at joole's house.
sat we got up cooked breakfast headed to cormac's Lime party!!! started drinking at 3, made some games up with lime, had some shots, went for sushi, went to some place where the lime games continued, then got into the speigal tent really easily, lost at credit card roulette, met john leslie, ian almost got stranggled, went and danced at some place for hours finished drinking at 4 got home as the sun came up a 6.
sunday almost didnt happen, had some food caught the end of the football saw some live comedy, became part of a street performers act, saw some dude called rhod, played pool, took over a nightclub, back in bed for 5!

left edinburgh at 10, found the holy grail at rosslyn church, drove back.

epic weekend, the whole weekend was about recalling stu mitchells speach from euro's 'you get nothing in the first half' 'its not will i, could i, can i, you have to make it happen, u dont have a choice'!!!