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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Sep 2007

Location: Washington and New York, USA


so after a soaking weekend in cardiff, i headed out to play with clapham in america. despite all the odds JJ and i arrived in the USA, olly rented a pimpin car and we drove to downtown washington.

did all the touristy things, saw abe, the reflecting pool and bush's crib then headed to the tournament! we tried to get colonel a.k.a the hunter to chat up the girls at smoothie king, then i spooned JJ all night

we played hard, beat chain lightening a top 4 american team and lost in the semi's to GOAT, it was 100 degrees tho!!

the team headed home and i went to new york, stayed in queens with micheal, did everything in a day pretty much, statue of liberty is a waste of time!!

headed back to washington, got a lift with a guy that looked like akon, bit scary! got back to london, met ian at waterloo then went to nationals and lost in the semi's again, but qualified for the european club championships!