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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Oct 2007

Location: Tokyo, Japan


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Flew out to Tokyo today! Actually landed on the 16th at 9am, 12 hours after leaving Heathrow. Slightly crazy place! First walk around after finding the hostel was up to a market area for food and a look at what we had around us.

Day 1:
Went out and wondered around Shinjuku and Shibuya
Saw loads of lights! missed being chatted up in the gay district, understood nothing!!!

Day 2:
With Cornelia (aka dull light girl) went to Tokyo centre (palace was a bit boring), then went to Ginza - beavan hungry, went to sony building. then Rhoppongi - yakuza (the mafia) allegedly chop fingers off, had first beers, went to a bar which turned into a stretch club. Shibuya for drinks - bright lights when pissed... interesting!

Day 3:
Odebai - saw Asimo most advanced robot in world, then went to the science museum, some americans chatted us up! wrong!
travelled to Kyoto on the night bus, bus!

Day 4:
arrived really early
played cards until we were let in
walked in rain for ages to see Imperial palace, daitokuji temple and golden temple, its 2 thirds golden! Went to a bar 700 yen a shot so we bought the bottle for 3500 yen! sank 2 of them ian threw up outside the hostel, and on his jeans! class!

Day 5
hung over caught bullet train back to tokyo! Saw mt fuji!! stayed at a capsule inn, interesting!! went and played some baseball in the gay district. headed back woke up to watch the rugby in our pods! piss!

Day 6
chilled in ginza then headed to the airport, arrived in hong kong at 3am hotel wouldn't let us in so we went next door!

sum up japan
girls in short skirts, knee high boots and funny knees
is that soup for washing your chop sticks
watch lost in translation, its like that!
cross the roads like urban warriors