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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

Location: hong kong, Hong Kong


all our world tour photos (click here)

Hong Kong in a day baby! went to kawloon park saw some birds, actual birds! then saw city scape for the first time! headed to soho market areas and central areas across on the star ferry. went up a load of escalators that are built into the hill side up to mid point then through a zoo, saw some monkeys and a jaguar! caught a tram up to the peak and stayed there for 2 hours until it was dark getting loads of photos! headed back down to a place called Elements which was a new swanky shops and tube building and headed home! feet hurt so we went out!!

Day 8
first day of anything remotely close to chilling, did very little, went to central and walked around a bit. then came back to the hostel and got smashed! no real other details than that, we cant remember how we even got out of the building, lift or stairs???

Day 9
Pandas!!!! we saw pandas and dolphines and a sealionshow! dolphins can jump well high! then went on a rollercoaster which went out over the sea. came back to central and then went to happy valley racecourse! won 200 dollers! 50p! then got some chicken nuggets with the winnings! off to bangkok tomorrow!

Day 10
got up left hong kong, spending every last dollar! watched the mighty boosh which made hot choclate come out my mouth!