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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Oct 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


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Day 10

arrived pretty smoothly from hong kong, and sat down to sort out how to tackle bangkok! mel, some german girl then told us everthing we needed to know in about 10 mins. so we headed out with her and got smashed, at a place called cheap charlies! walked 3km home! classic line....beavan theres an elephant! (i almost walked straight into an elephant, jumped out the way in the last second, looked pretty stupid and scared)

Day 11

started to explore bangkok, realised its dirty, polluted and well hard to get around. saw some Wat's (temples), then headed to a tourist place with our new found friend Yoda. Tried to sort out visa's, instead booked a months trip around thailand, loas and cambodia! went out in the evening and saw loads of thai boxing... pretty hard bastards!

Day 12

started pretty badly, then we headed around some of the more famous areas of bangkok, saw a massive buddha, then crossed the river and climbed the steepest steps in the world(ish). headed back to the hostel on a tuk tuk and got chatting to everyone. pretty slow drinking games and then we headed out. all i remember is crap bars, worse clubs and great spring rolls!

Day 13

sorted the trip out, then headed to a couple more Wats and the golden mount, then ate loads at the new siam centre before heading back to sort out our stuff for our 6am start. ended up going back to cheap charlies and watching the football, surrounded by genuine thai brides and the loser english men.

Day 14

6am start, met audi, our guide, headed to the old capital, could actually breath and saw some massive buddhas, some old stuff and the kings palace. then got a boat back along the river to bangkok, the free buffet was rinsed by both of us. had a shower and played pool half naked in our travel agent! heading off to somewhere north on a bus tonight.