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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2007

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Day 15
arrived in sukothai old city at 5am and checked into our hostel! slept until 12, then hired 2 bicycles for 10p each and headed around the old city. finished that at 2, so decided to cycle 13km to the new city! got there, very nice, ate some food necked a couple of beers then biked back twice as fast to the old city during sunset! awesome!

Day 16
caught bus to Chiang Mai, realised everything was sorted for the next 8 days, checked into hostel, then headed out to traditional Thai party on Halloween! again they made the mistake of asking if we wanted anymore food! saw some dancing and some knife juggler! then headed to a bar, about to leave when someone ordered a free drink for everyone, stayed until 2, then headed half way home and met some drunk irish guys, so went to local club spicys with them! got back at 5.30am ian feel asleep setting our alarm to wake us up!

Day 17
woke up 5 mins before we were due to be picked up to go trekking! slept all the way to the elephant ride, ours was called jumbo, and all he wanted was bananas! then trekked 3 hours uphill with rambo and jonny! stayed in some village, got to be early!

Day 18
woke up to the sound of a cockrill, had breakfast then trekked 2 hours to a waterfall. had a shower, then i became Tarzan as i lost one of my flip flops down the river, ian directed me while i climbed over rocks and trees to retrieve it! we then walked another hour to lunch then another hour to where we were staying. we taught the local kids to play frisbee and made snakes and ladders for them. headed to bed, my mosquito net kept all bugs out, and just let a cat in!! which scared the hell out of me!

Day 19
trekked downhill to a better waterfall, ian and i showered and swam for a bit, then headed downhill for lunch and to go bamboo rafting. it rained so the hot shower when we got back felt amazing!
went to chiang mai saloon, played pool and drank a lot before getting free beers from the owner and him giving us a lift to the club later on!

Day 20
went on a bit of a random trip to see a load of textile factories around the area and a temple at the top of a big hill! silver and silk factories whilst hungover are pretty interesting! chilled out a bit early evening before going to a different chiang mai saloon, drinking 3 litre towers of beer and meeting up with the group of irish we'd met before! had a quality night out that lasted well into the next day!

Day 21
missed our day trip that we had planned and didnt achieve much else other than going back to the original chiang mai saloon in the evening with the irish lot and getting back on the beers! dice game, good train - bad train, 30 sec word game all came out, all got us pretty drunk on stomachs that didnt really want another beer!

Day 22
travelled to chiang khong at the very north of thailand ready to go into laos tomorrow by slow boat! just a day of riding in a bus and letting our bodies get in a bit of recovery!