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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Nov 2007

Location: Luang prabang, Laos

back in bed by 12!!!!!

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DAY 23
got up early to cross the river, then through immigration to Loas. got told random things about the slow boat, but finally got underway with new friends on the boat. best form of travel so far, got to spend 6 hours chatting and getting baked with new people! a lot of cards and new dice game before the real fun of finding somewhere to sleep! Bailey sorted us out with some rooms, had some dinner then played jazz club with marine and stef. electricity stopped at 11!

DAY 24
last day on the slow boat, had to push our tuk tuk to make it to the boat. another day of chilling and getting to know the people around (there where over 140 people on a boat made for 70). beautiful scenery and some more games involving bisexual names! got off the boat at luang prabang and headed to our guest house, best place we have slept in! headed out to meet our boat friends and randomly met the Irish guys! couple of drinks then we got locked into our guest house!

DAY 25
proper nights sleep, met the Canadians for lunch then walked and chucked a frisbee around the city. they celebrated four o'clock, then played football/volleyball with the locals. went up to the temple for sunset, then chilled in a book shop! headed out to meet everyone, had a few cocktails and went bowling! ian was great i was a mess! too many free drinks!

DAY 26
woke up to go kayaking with the Irish and Canadians, beautiful waterfall, jumping off rocks and then kayaked downstream for 4 hours. we sang jamiroquai as we went through the rapids then invented a way to wee off the boat. went to the night market and had a romantic meal. said by to the Irish and met the guys from the boat again. fell asleep watching collateral (how does that end?)

DAY 27
went to another waterfall with the Canadians, amazing! trekked up to the top then Indian filed it down! jumped off a taller waterfall and swung out on a rope swing!