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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2007

Location: vang vieng, Laos


DAY 28
left LPB on a bus, which broke down, got another one that finally got us there, walked around saw the Canadians then met up with coops and had a curry! ended up playing the dice game and walking to a loas wedding! before getting to joe's and partying pretty hard!

DAY 29
got up and caught up with everybodies activities from the night before! then went tubing! seriously the best idea in the world! drank, swung and dived into the river so many times my face hurt! tried our first back flip, and did a couple of double rope swings! ended up floating down the river in darkness, singing jamiroquai! then got smashed on happy pizza's and met baillie and carmen from the slow boat! decided to go tubing again tomorrow!

DAY 30
woke up a little worst for wear, had breakfast and did it all again! more back flips, more volleyball and a threesome on a swing! ian and i went for the mid air pose shot which ended in us just landing on each other! did the last bit with Chris the professional tuber! headed out to joe's again and said bye to everyone!

DAY 31
left VV on a VIP bus!! arrived in vientiene and had a good look around on a tuk tuk which couldn't find our hostel! so ended up in another one! walked around a bit, saw the worst victory monument in the world, then headed for some food! met baillie and carmen again randomly! first quiet night for a while!

DAY 32
had breakfast with coops ten headed to he border! caught the night trainback to bangkok!