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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

No i dont want anything....leave me alone!

DAY 33
Sohad one day in bangkok, handled it much better this time, saw the worst film in the world then headed out with are new friend Tom. hit some seedy nightclubs, bypassed the all male street and ended up in a karaoke bar with loads of thai people!

DAY 34
got picked up at 8, arrived in siem reap at 10pm! bumpiest and longest journey so far, no need for a massage now! got hassled loads when we first got here!

DAY 35
had a good nights sleep and then discovered siem reap old market. really good food, then headed to the lake! sat and then broke a hammock while sipping beers near the lake. watched some traditional dancing! like a primary school play! then headed to a couple of bars!

DAY 36
saw one of the wonders of the world, played cards on the tomb raider temple and felt hung over all day! had some awesome food - beef loklak is amazing - hit the bars. ended up in the same place as the night before but got chatting to 3 swedish girls, it was a pleasant evening!

DAY 37
we left cambodia in fear of the faffing that lay ahead of us, knowing that we had a bus to catch in bangkok that evening. after a bus ride that was cramped but not as bumpy as before and minimal faff at the border we made to bangkok with an hour to spare! managed to bump into the swedish girls again randomly then got on a well nice bus for an overnight trip to the port where we'd get a ferry to ko phangan!