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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Nov 2007

Location: Ko Phangan, Thailand


do you think i'm slightly dusty from all those bus rides?!

DAY 38
arrived in ko phangan to see the sights that we pictured thailand being like! beaches, blue seas, relaxed, no hassling tuk tuk drivers... no room! turns out our booking had been cancelled but they sorted it and put us in a room that was still being wired up so we couldn't get in it til the evening. wasted the hours playing fris-knock with some canadians, then chilled out round the pool playing drinking games. spent the evening getting out first taste of the kind of partying we could expect from the 'Full Moon Party' that was happening in 2 days!

DAY 39
i (ian) spent the day with alcohol fever but we'd hired a jeep so we road tripped around the island while i recovered from the shakes. saw some cool views before heading back and starting our evening. managed to tame the illness to at least make it out until 5am, felt great for it, but it was a cool night!

DAY 40
full moon party day! everyone was basically on the island for this night so it started off slow with a late lie in, then risking to put food to our stomachs (it wasn't always staying there for too long!) before starting the drinking. headed out with everyone, got body painted by a tatoo place, rocked the party, got home about 9am (or later for beavan)... suitably tired, suitably drunk, suitably happy!

DAY 41
recovery day. dont think i stood up for more than an hour in total, pretty much laid down in bed, at the bar, by the pool and whilst watching films! didnt acheive much!

DAY 42
spend most the day sorting out photos and emails and this! managed to go out for one last night though and it wasn't a quiet one! went home after sun rise and had to leave at 11 for our boat to ko samui!