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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007

Location: Ko Samui, Thailand


frustrating is one word!

DAY 43
missed our first planned boat from Ko Phangan but got a slightly later one and when we got to Ko Samui we had a pretty awesome resort, just that it seemed to be filled with couples and families! apparently ko samui is a bit more that way orientated! had a look around and went out in the evening, experienced a half-street-black-out which was pretty weird but after a few beers called it a night.

DAY 44
walked most the length of the 7km beach that we were staying on, playing frisbee and chilling out. found a cool bar on the beach and got lunch, ended up heading back down there later on as well. met some cool people, ended up back in the club we'd been in the night before and again didn't really get into it, was an odd crowd and having a mix of 2 sets of music playing at the same time in rooms that were really close and open to each other didn't seem to help!

DAY 45
left ko samui by plane to krabi. ko samui airport was insane! has to be the most chilled out and easy going airport in the world! free internet and free cakes and cookies too! got on a propellor plane (which beavan really liked the idea of!) and headed south west!