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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Dec 2007

Location: KULA LUMPA, Malaysia



DAY 55
watch ricky hatton lose, but loved the effort, relaxed! then went and saw the golden compass, then headed to an irish pub, rik some guy then took us to an upmarket brothel, we left quickly!

DAY 56
Didnt really happen, watched films and played fifa in daves appartment, went to pizza hut!

DAY 57
Wandered around chinatown, bought a gucci wallet and some sunglasses ian haggled a guy down from 80 to 10 for his! then went with coops to the batu caves! they are big! headed back to go to the skybar, we werent allowed in! ended up in little havannas!

DAY 58
went shopping and had the best milkshake in the world. went up the KL tower, saw some sights, then watched bourne ultimatum. then played 6 a side with some malaysian people in the most humid sports hall in the world. ian and i rocked it and the photo of the team will be on finnagans wall forever!

DAY 59
chilled around daves rooftopp swimming pool then, played fifa and watched a film! dave took us out to a nice placed which we ruined by saying i love u repeatedly to the waitress! went to a club and saw a band play then ended up in little havannas!

DAY 60
Got up and travelled on the best bus in the world to singapore! 5 speed massage chair and own tv!