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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Dec 2007

Location: singapore, Singapore



DAY 60
arrived in singapore and faffed for ages trying to find somewhere to stay! ended up at the YMCA. went to the gym and the pool, then watched anchorman! coops last night so we played jazz and went to ministry of sound! met cornelia the girl from japan and her friends! coops and i pretended to be famous and got vip access! woop! lost everyone in the club walked home to be violated by ian and coops whilst being passed out!

DAY 61
moved from the ymca to cosy corner inn, interesting hostel as our first room we were offered was actually outside with just a roof overhead! got another room though and slept off the night before! went out in the evening to a bar at the very top of a 71 storey high building, got some awesome views out across singapore! headed to some other bars on clarke quay and ended up watching a live hip hop band covering some quality tracks! needless to say we returned home pretty late again!

DAY 62
once we got ourselves out of bed we headed out to see the science centre which was awesome! they had a few shows on including an imax video about katrina which was just slightly impressive(!) and some digital art exhibition amongst all the other cool science sections which meant we just played around for a few hours! went to a really cool restaurant in the evening where we had our own gas stove in the middle of the table cooking a pan of two different 'soups' which we then cooked all the meat, seafood and noodles in that we could manage! they just kept bring out the food and it kept disappearing! with stuffed stomachs we found a pub to watch football in until 2am!

DAY 63
went to the shopping centres as they are the majority of the buildings in singapore! had a look around, ended up playing pool for a few hours as well as fooling around on arcade games! you know, the usual tourist kind of stuff! tried to meet up with cornelia again in the evening but even though we were in the same bar all night we managed to miss each other, only for me to see her as she was leaving. i then failed to get her attention, not for lack of trying or shouting! anyway, it was a chilled night in a quite cool bar and that ended our nights out in asia!

DAY 64
early flight to perth... got up early, got the train early, got to the airport early (apparently we appear disorganised to some from the outside but we actually seem to glide through the 'struggles' of this traveling business without issues... disorganised my arse!). arrived in perth about 3pm, met my cousin, Sarah, and headed off to their lovely house! really quite nice being in a home again for a while!