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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007

Location: Perth, Australia



DAY 64
we got my cousins house and in no time at all, Andy was home (Sarah's husband) and a bbq was fired up! ate a shed load of meat, Michael, my other cousin, joined us for it and we had a few beers whilst Beavan and I finished off what was left of the meat! the lamb chops were blinding! Sarah, Beavan and I finished of the evening with a quiet drink in the Oxford where Beavan learnt far more than he ever thought he would about my family!

DAY 65
lazy morning (as happens most mornings) before we borrowed Andy's car to go check out perth centre! Beavan's been before so showed me around where he could remember and saw the sights before we headed back for another bbq round Shannon and Carolines house (friends of Sarah and Andy)... the lamb chops we blinding! poppy was on heat! nice! we headed into the centre after the feed and beers to the deen and black bettys. the deen was pretty lively and generally cool, black bettys had a decent band on! bouncered ask me several times if i was ok (as in drunkness) each time he got a sober reply but seemed to want to ask again... anyway... i got in, drunk or not!

DAY 66
did some planning for the east coast which took up most of the day, after we'd got up! headed to cottesloe beach which is really nice, flick flip flops at beavans head and stopped off in kings park on our way home to look across perth. nice views! we found an bring your own, all you can eat in a kebab shop but i apparently had developed a particularly sensitive tongue meaning the spicey lamb wasn't happening leaving beavan to eat more than his far share and me to only eat what i could! tried to catch up with Sarah and Andy but having failed that headed to the deen again for what turned out to be latin night! quality!