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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Dec 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia



DAY 73
flew from perth to sydney and got picked up by ians cousins friend, took us to eastwood and we caked out ready to explore the next day!

DAY 74
got up and caught the train into town, wondered down george street to circular key saw the bridge and opera house! then met tess, walked to darling harbour, headed back to eastwood, went to a nice pub, then caught the train back to central walked into wake up and met dane and adam, dane was smashed and adam didnt have his contacts in! partied with them before catching the ferry to manly to meet tess again, went to some swanky club and then passed out back at tess's?

DAY 75
had breakfest and chilled on the beach in manly, headed back to wake up to meet dane and adam, snuk into there room, then went to an irish pub and to watch sydney kings play basketball, all we did was boo the other team! back to wake up then out to kings cross, adam was dressed like a school boy so we didnt get in anywhere, back to wake up met lucy from loas and partied untill they thought we stayed at wake up and crashed in the canadians dorm room!

DAY 76
dane and adam had to check out, we kept sleeping in there room! we got back to eastwood, then went out to bondi beach, chilled and body surfed some big waves!! got changed at our new hostel-ish and went to kings cross to meet kate and her friends (we met in koh phangan) went to hugo's and then world bar, got a lift home via views of the harbour bridge! awesome at night

DAY 77
NEW YEARS EVE!! ok so this was epic! got up slowly after 4 hours sleep! bought 24 beers and a litre of vodka! caught train into town walked to the place where we were going to meet the canadians and other friends! NO BYO and NO GLASS! piss! only one thing to do!! nail the beers put vodka into plastic bottles queue up... only for the area to become full to capacity! its now 5pm and we are smashed with nowhere to see the fireworks! piss! so we... drank the vodka and had some crisps, waited untill it got dark scoped out the area and swam across to the party! climbed a cliff, cut toe on glass, saw people having sex met adam and dane put on a bin bag and inflatable hat, met some scottish people and watched the fire works! sang all the way to the bus, fell over and sang on the bus to bondi, caught the end of groove aramada, partied on bondi, beavan slept with his foot in the air!

DAY 78
wake up! dont feel good, go to maccy d's and sleep! get the paper and see adam and dane are in it! get back to wake up then catch the train to eastwood! go to the hospital to get stitches, have a bbq back at eastwood!

DAY 79
Head into sydney to go up the tower, instead meet ballie and carmen and ellis, get smashed with them, go back to his appartment, ian and ellis jam until the sun goes down, then we go to cargo bar and meet kate and claire from new year! ellis tries to take us to a late night chinese! we end up going to burger king and crashing at his house!

DAY 80
i wake up on a balcony, catch the train back to east wood, ian goes to the beach with kate i go to hospital to get stitches looked at, we move our stuff to wake up! have we stayed before? errr no!!! went downstrairs to side bar then out to world bar and met darren! awesome, ian meets kate and we go back to wake up, i spill lots of drink and we crash out!