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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Dec 2007

Location: Perth, Australia



DAY 70
so its christmas eve and it is hot! with news that the next two days are just going to get hotter! we pretty much chilled out round town, catching up with stuff etc before we returned home for food and headed to pado for xmas eve drinks! there was a band on and some distracting tvs, drinks were had, all were merry, phone calls were made on the way home

DAY 71
woohoo... santa's been! got up and headed for the beach! swimming in the sea in xmas hats on xmas morning is a new experience! got back home and did present unwrapping with a plan that we'd get dinner for about half 5. 7pm and the foods just going in after a few stupid games have been played! awesome ham and turkey, more games, crash out!

DAY 72
its our last day before flying to sydney tomorrow so perth decides its going to reach 44 degrees! we're english, we don't do 44 degrees! ate trash, found a cinema (and so air conditioning!) watched a film then made it back to the house air con as soon as possible! pizza evening and that was about it! lazy.

DAY 73
got to the airport just about in time and caught the flight... pretty exciting day! until the evening...