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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Jan 2008

Location: Cairns, Australia


DAY 81
so we're flying from sydney to cairns at 9am... thats domestic right? yeah of course! ok lets go to the domestic terminal. hi we're checking in... oh you want the internation terminal but you'll never make it over there in time! great! of course thats an international flight! good start... how about you just change our tickets for free for a flight four hours later... done! we'll be asleep in between! anyway... made it to cairns, went to our hostel and sorted out our east coast trip. next issue... STA have no idea! apparently you cant travel as far as they say you can in a day! buffet mexican, met sel and vic, got drunk went to a load of bars, ian asks what time a place is open til, gets told he cant come in, accepts that gracefully as he's hammered! ian cant remember that!

DAY 82
sel and vic hired a car, we get in the back and cruise with them up the east coast towards cape tribulation stopping at all the beaches (accept trinity!) and the gorge. all pretty cool! sel listens to her shoulder loads, saw a massive spider, vic was a legend for driving all day and then in the dark on the way home while we played a game of nap! went out, saw a nice surprise at pjs dancing on the bar, met some americans!

DAY 83
scuba diving on the great barrier reef you say? ok! cool day out on a boat going round the barrier reef, had our first taste of scuba diving on an introductory dive, reef is nice, slept there too! snorkled, got back, had a rubbish free dinner that cost us money, headed back to calypso hostel, ian got his guitar out and played to whoever was left in the bar, they offered us a job! drunked chat about staying and working there, decided to leave the next morning!

DAY 84
got our first oz bus to townsville and then magnetic island. met salt and pepper (push it real good), went to a crocodile farm, held lizzards, crocs, snakes and some weird smooth skinned thing! watch them feed the crocodiles, pretty insane being a few feet from them! got to base hostel on the island and played drinking games with everyone, met lousie and tara, met hannah and stina, met jarlath and laura, got the guitar down to the beach afterwards, sang for hours with bob marley, got well sandy smelling sand

DAY 85
got our second oz bus with salt and pepper and tara and lou, again with beaver at the wheel chatting rubbish, got to airlie beach, sorted out our sailing trip and met everyone in the bar for drinks, went to shennanegans after then mama africas. all well classy joints! saved salt and pepper from a bucks party (stag do)! ate a burger with jarlath!