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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Jan 2008

Location: airlie beach, Australia

MapAirlie Beach


DAY 86
got up slowly and went to our sailing meeting, walked down to the harbour and boarded 'pride of airlie' drunk irish already, this should be fun!! sailed for 3 hours to south mole isalnd, had dinner and played ridiculously big drinking games. met some irish and swedish guys and partied all night!

DAY 87
6.30 breakfast, nooooo! got on the boat and slept, arrived at whithaven beach, put on our stinger suits and dived in! chucked a disc about for a bit and swam around, got on the boat to go snorkeling then ian played guitar for the whole boat until a string broke! got back to the island and started a toga party!

DAY 88
back on the boat actually sailed to do more snorkeling, met some columbians and then headed back home! went out for a meal at morocos and started the party, ian got chucked out for dancing on the highest point with a huge sombrero! met all the guys from the boat plus everyone from oz experience bus, cant remember how the rest of the night panned out!

DAY 89
slept, then met pete a canadian from our room, ian took out my stitches and we went to get some guitar strings! then headed to the lagoon and met the columbians and some english guys from the boat, finished our vodka and met sel and vic in magnums, think we then went to beaches and mama africas!

DAY 90
left airlie on the oz bus and headed to a cattle ranch! arrived to chill out for a bit then had some good food and learned how to crack a whip, ian lasted the longest on the mechanical bull and we played bad drinking games!

DAY 91
got up ian played to the campsite, we then did some shooting, ian won a teddy, we then caught and branded a goat learnt how to use a lasoo and caught some more goats! then it was off to harvey bay! arrived and met salt and pepper and claire and benji off the bus at beaches, ended up in palace we walked home at 6!