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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2008

Location: harvey bay, Australia

MapHarvey bay - FRASER ISALAND

Have a lovely day!!!

DAY 92
had a rubbish meeting for our fraser isalnd trip, we waited for the late comers, had some mexican and played crazy 8 and some mind games with the irish girls from whitsudays! met our gang for fraser went shopping and then had a few cheacky ones in morocos!

DAY 93
happy that last night didnt escalate, got our big pimpin jeep loaded it up and headed for fraser! lost another braclet, drove to the campsite up some increadible tracks! went to a couple of lakes then gunned it down the beach to the ship wreck, took some photos then set up camp! camped on the beach, ian played to everyone and a good game of slaps was played, stars were unbelivable! crawled to my tent!

DAY 94
woke up by the sun, packed up and went to indian head then champange pools! awesome! then gunned it back down the beach to Eli creek, everyone slept. went to wabby and ran down a sand dune into the lake, quality! then drove to the koala campsite! ian cooked and burnt himself then rocked the whole campsite, i played mind games with some posh boys, tents were broken and inappropriate songs were sung! we all headed to the lakeside beach to watch the stars!

DAY 95
not feeling good, went to lake mckenze and chilled out before driving back. got our deposite back and then cooked dinner saw a posum then headed to morocos after the flat party was cut short, this is where i lose my memory, i know i was dancing and that i looked good! we both woke up on a beach, i was in different clothes then i found my way home!

DAY 96
chilled until we caught our bus to rainbow beach, relaxing day which ended with us meeting kristina from airlie beach and salt throwing spoons into a swimming pool!