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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jan 2008

Location: Noosa, Australia


those waves were narrly man!!

DAY 97
caught the bus to noosa, faffed for a bit getting accomodation, but met darren walking down the street. got to our room and chatted to sophie and steve, went and saw american gangster! on our way out we bumped into lucy from loas! played jazz with our room mates, darren came over and was sick on sophies back! we all went to kareoke, vanilla ice and red hot chillis of course came out!

DAY 98
woke up very confused and disorientated, but sorted ourselves out and hired a surf board. headed to the beach with kristina, now i wouldnt say either of us mastered it but we got really good at falling off!
got back and made some food before getting our new room mate kerry involved in our pub quiz team! we won! its science! $50 bar tab! nice!

DAY 99
caught the bus to Brisbane