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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Jan 2008

Location: brisbane, Australia



DAY 99
caught the oz bus to brisbane, got a taxi to dane and adams house! chilled with them playing some tunes and then asked what time it was! Goon time wooo! started drinking with roland and jazz and caught a taxi to down under bar, met kristina, her and jazz won a dance off competition $100 dollers to spend! woop! tried to get into another club, dane fell over some bins, ian carried on drinking with dane untill kermit was brought out and he finally passed out!

DAY 100
hung over we played computer games and cleaned up a bit, we got some food and watched a DVD, then ian and i headed to the city again, narrowly missed a male strip contest, watched a wet t-shirt contest and then rocked the bar all night, met up with kerry and her friends, stumbled home Mcdonalds in hand! woke dane up and then spooned him all night!

DAY 101
Lazy morning then dane ian and i walked the city, re arranged our flights went to a lagoon, shouted have a lovely day and i love u! met sarah in the botanical gardens and walked home after buy costumes!
we then got dressed up and celebrated oz day 2 days early, hit down under bar again, loose our memory at this point, the photos help out, walk home!

DAY 102
have a hilarious 2 hour mong session with dane and adam, before catching the oz bus to go zorbing and then on to surfers paradise! we walk the strip and meet claire in a limo! get plan B passes and go to an all u can eat bbq! we watch speed in the swimming pool! make up some games and then visit every club in surfers!

DAY 103
australia day! chill hit the internet grab some beers and get on itat about 2! play some mind games with people then get dressed up again to walk to a massive pub crawl! being the only ones dressed up we feel ridiculous! however the 8 beers seemed to give us confidence! we start the pub crawl dance meet people dance some more, ian loose's his mind, i feel ill, stumble home, ian rocks up 4 hours later, then goes surfing at 7! what!