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beavan and ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2008

Location: byron bay, Australia


what are u scared of? ive drove to the airport before, ive chatted to some people before, ive been in a plane before, when it comes to jumping out its too late!

DAY 104
chilled in surfers and watched some volleyball on the beach. ian played to the hostel owner, got a lift in the limo back to catch them oz bus to byron! arrived in byron and met up with jasmine, jazz and sav who we met in thailand. classy as ever we drank goon on the beach and then went to la la land. rolled home at 3!

DAY 105
slept in! woop! met sav and jazz and got a ride in lil bitch (sav's car) to watago beach, really nice. then grabbed a milkshke and sorted out our skydive. we met jasmine and cooked her dinner as we stayed at her place out in the pocket! looked at the stars and ate cake before all passing out really excited about our early morning skydive!

DAY 106
'I'm not doing it' jasmine said, 2 hours late we all had just fallen from 14000 feet, classic lines such as ' you are strapped to me so what ever happens to u happens to me' and ' at least the shute opened!!' was such an amazing experience! so good we chilled on the beach for the rest of the day! then met jasmine for a late afternoon swim before playing jazz club in our room, sav came down and we all passed out in a park somewhere!

DAY 107
so apprently ian can sleep through the alarm, in his hands! we miss our oz bus but catch a greyhound down to surf camp, didnt surf, swam for a bit then had a random beach party! bit shit really, we'll write surf camp off!

DAY 108
bus to sydney!